National Art Honor Society Mural


The taped out triangles for each design.

Brooke DeSantis, Contributor

The National Art Honor Society has designed murals around the school every year. In the past there was an unfinished “Pride” mural in the hallway. This was put there as a visual reminder for everyone to feel welcomed and united in the school. The old mural displayed hands with differently colored skin spelling out “LOVE” as a symbol of acceptance, but the new one has something different in mind. This mural was going to be done last year, but because of Covid it was pushed back a year.  Thankfully, plans are moving forward now, and the artists are psyched to bring their visions to life.

Creating this mural has been a long (but interesting) process. The wall needed to be primed again over the past painting, and there were staples and holes in the wall which needed to be taken out and filled in. The mural is going to be segmented in triangles, so it needed to be taped out into the amount of triangles that there are people in the club. 

Next, the sketches for each triangle needed to get approved. Each person came up with their own design for their triangle, and was assigned a color for their entire triangle. Each NAHS member had to come up with their own hues, tints, and shades with their assigned color to attach to their sketch. Members had to trace their triangle, and draw their sketch to size with colors. Since it is a pride mural, the colors are of the rainbow. The designs still need to be transferred to the space and painted, but this will probably be done by the end of February. The process of the painting is going to be exciting to watch. 

Ms. Rojas explained her excitement about the talent that the National Art Honor Society has this year. She and Ms. Johansen picked the theme of pride to follow the last unfinished mural that was there before. Ms. Rojas explained, “We have 41 members this year, so our approach was to come up with an idea where each student could represent what pride meant to them. I think at the end it will show each student’s style, thought, and creative approach to a word that has different meanings and interpretations for so many.”

A wonderful way to simultaneously celebrate student individuality and unity, this colorful mural will brighten up the hallway and have every student feel accepted and proud to be together here at EHS.