Winter Track Warms Up the Season

Winter Track Warms Up the Season

Juliana Palladino

Perhaps one day when you were leaving school you’ve seen students still in the hallways warming up for something and wondered, what could they be doing? Well, that is the sign that winter track is back for the season. 


The year’s track team includes nearly 35 players, led by Coach Hedges and captains Carli Sorvino, Erin Karaway, Nathan Storz, Ryan Balsam, Diego Caamano, Ben Damsky, and Cali Marck. 


In the weeks leading up to the first meet, the whole team trains and prepares to not only make a good first impression, but to continue the determination to have a great season. 


However, during the near four weeks of preseason, the track team has been working hard with focus and perseverance. Whether it be running, throwing, hurdling, jumping, or pole vaulting, every event has its own challenges and skills. Even with different events, the team comes together as one. Of course, like many sports, winter track is about more than just running and competing. 


“The community is very caring and they only want the best for everyone,” says Nick D’Agostino, sophomore.


Last year with coronavirus, the sport turned back to its club days in a way, according to Coach Hedges. The team had to go through a grueling season of not being able to compete indoors, and training and practices had to change as well. However, things change this year as more facilities are opening back up. 


“I do like that we are getting where I’m going to this meet thinking, ‘people are in good enough shape to do it, plus, they’ve learned a lot in the process,’” says Coach Hedges, winter track coach. 


The team kicks the season tomorrow with a meet against other towns at Rockland Community College. Spectators are not allowed, but you can show your support at school!