How Many Colleges Have Our Emersonians Applied To?

We surveyed 32 seniors to find out!


Olivia Burns, Contributor

The stressful time of college applications has come to many of our Emerson seniors who are choosing college as their path forward. As they toil away, we wondered just how many of these applications they were really sending. For the respondents of our survey, the average number of applications seemed to hover around 7-9. Six students applied to 7 colleges, seven students applied to 8 colleges, and 5 students applied to 9 colleges. While this was the average, there were many students who broke that mold  – whether on the lower end or the higher one. Seven students applied to between 1-4 colleges. Seven students also applied to more than 9 colleges. Two students even applied to 15 colleges! 

For some tips on applying to college we asked seniors Brooke DeSantis and Nicole Witkowicz for what helped them most in the application process. Brooke says to “finish your college essay before the start of senior year” to streamline your application process and Nicole advises to “take advantage of college visits to figure out if you could really see yourself there”. 

Of course this would not be a complete article about Emerson students’ college search if we didn’t give a special shout out to those students who have already committed to a school. Congratulations to Sarah Jablin on committing to Franklin Pierce University and Kristen Morgan on committing to TCNJ! Congratulations to Carli Sorvino and Thomas Gibbard on committing to Monmouth University! Last, but not least, congratulations to Jamie Falotico on committing to Manhattan College! Good luck to all Emerson seniors on their college search or future plans!