Middle Schoolers Test Running Stamina

Middle Schoolers Test Running Stamina

Addyson Petry & Luna Nieves

There are many hurdles associated with the beginning of the school year: learning new locker combinations, mastering schedules, waking up earlier, and then there’s the mile run.

Earlier in September Emerson middle school students completed their annual mile run assessment. Every year students are required to demonstrate there running skills by taking the mile fitness test. The test takes place on the track at the  beginning of the school year in September, and then again near the end of the school year. 

According to Emerson Middle School gym instructor Mrs. LoBue, students have been running the mile since she came here 17 years ago. Students can only be excused from the mile if the student has an injury or a sickness. Even though students might be reluctant to run the mile, the time limit gives kids enough time to fully complete the mile. “The maximum amount of time that each student gets is a very generous: 15 minutes” explained LoBue. The reason for the mile being 15 minutes long is because she believes that 15 minutes is enough time to even walk the mile.

While COVID cancelled many activities, it did not cancel the mile since, according to LoBue, being outside is a safe place to take off your mask, separate, and breathe. LoBue is excited to watch students exercise and to really get into physical shape after being cooped up all last year.

The school along with the teachers think that it is important for students to run the mile for a few reasons. “Students have to run the mile to test their cardiovascular endurance, and stamina” Mrs. LoBue. This is very important because after being in quarantine this gives students an opportunity to push themselves more physically.  The gym teachers hold onto the results. Since students run the mile at the beginning of the school year and at the end, the goal is to see progress from the start of the year. 

Love it or hate, running the mile is one tradition that is here to stay.