Getting Back Into The Groove

How Key Club Is Bringing Back Music At Emerson Junior Senior High School, the Key Club is working with Save The Music Foundation from 2021-2022 to bring back music.

Getting Back Into The Groove

Richard Witkowicz, Writer

In partnership with the Save The Music Foundation, a nonprofit charity, the Key Club is raising money to help disadvantaged districts fund music programs. Every Friday for the rest of the school year, teachers in schools across the country can pay $10 in order to have their music playlist aired between classes. This money goes to the Save The Music charity, which uses the money to bring in instructors and instruments to low income schools, according to teacher and Key Club advisor Ms. Murphy.

Nick Seritus, one of the Key Club board members running the fundraiser shows why it matters: “This organization helps underprivileged schools that don’t have music programs for little kids,” Nick said. He believes it is paramount because it grants underfunded children more opportunities to learn and succeed. It is imperative that students receive music education to improve their overall learning experience and teach them lessons that will last a lifetime. Save The Music helps students by providing proper education the schools and families that truly need it. Moreover, while students might not like the choice of tunes done by their teachers, it is for a reputable cause.

“Students in the hallways have been talking about how they are excited for music on Friday, so the overall reception is good” observed Ms. Murphy. With an upstanding purpose and reception, it has been successful in maintaining its goals so far, but what mostly matters is the effect of the music program. Murphy later explained,“gives them an outlet that opens them up to different skills” (Murphy). Thanks to its help, students can not only learn a new instrument, as they will also learn social, comprehension, leadership, and teamworking skills that will aid them in the future. The success story of Save The Music Foundation is just one of many. If the Emerson community wants to make a difference in the world, this is how.