Mrs. Pacciani Announces Plans For This Year’s Italian Club Members


Kara Long and Brianna Leach

This year the Italian Club seems to be very popular with a total of 71 student members! Last year, the Italian club was  – unfortunately –  unable to host any fundraisers or field trips. However, it looks like there is much more to look forward to this year. 


Mrs. Pacciani, the supervisor of the Italian Club, revealed that she already has two fundraisers planned. The first fundraiser is a panettone sale where members of the club will be selling these pre-packaged traditional Christmas cakes to their families and friends. The second fundraiser, depending on the status of COVID 19, will be a bake sale or pizza sale sold to students and organized by club members on half days. 


“Right now, because of Covid, trips are on hold,” explained Mrs. Pacciani.


If trips are on hold, where will this money be going to? Mrs. Pacciani says that hopefully at some point in the year, if Covid 19 restrictions are lifted, members will be able to take a trip to Eataly in New York City. Eataly is a well-known Italian marketplace that includes several restaurants and a gelateria. They also have a bakery and espresso bar. But because it requires proof of vaccination, it may be difficult for all members to attend. If Covid restrictions prevent a trip to Eataly, the money raised will instead go to a pizza party for the members with authentic Brooklyn pizza, Mrs. Pacciani’s favorite. It is also a possibility that the Italian Club will unite with the Unity Club and Spanish Club to have an international themed celebration for a night.


“With the vaccinations, hopefully travel will become easier for everybody,” added Mrs. Pacciani.


With Covid-19 restrictions still in place, this leaves the question: Will we ever go to Italy? Mrs. Pacciani said that she had spoken to Dr. Gatens about it before Covid 19 closed down the school, and he was very supportive of the idea. She also revealed that they had already planned the prices for the trip that would have taken place this year, but unfortunately, it would be too complicated with the virus to continue the plan. 


“The Covid numbers in both countries would have to be stable enough for us to plan a trip to Italy. A lot would be involved if we were to go to Italy: we would have to have to test for Covid before leaving, test before coming home, and possibly quarantine after the trip,” Mrs. Pacciani clarified. 


Whether at home or abroad, one thing is for certain, this year’s Italian club is sure to be a stupefacente experience for all!