EJSHS Art Club Revamped

Ms. Johansen leads the Art Club to new heights with exciting plans for this year


Watercolors from a recent Art Club event

Charlie Princing and Madison Ostroff

It’s no secret that Emerson Jr/Sr High School’s art club has been less than active throughout the years. However, that will be changed with the coming of a new art club leader: Ms. Johansen.

Johansen reveals potential fundraisers, projects, and events to come for the club and all of its members. All this potential comes alongside a brand new Art Club Board of Members, with leading members Charlie Princing (President) and Madison Ostroff (Vice President). The rest of the board includes Kelly Bonner as Secretary, Kayla Mulligan as Treasurer, and Leo Danziger as events coordinator. The group hopes to collaborate with Ms. Johansen to ensure an enriching and fun year of Art Club for high school and middle school students.

“We really hope that students will find the events fun this year. So far, we have seen a lot of participation, which is really encouraging.” Ms. Johansen offers.

The Art Club has already hosted its first meeting, with the declaration of a logo-creating competition (the winner of this competition being Mia Bonner). The club plans to take this design and imprint it onto plain t-shirts as a fun and interactive event for all members to participate in.

Ms. Johansen also gives some words about a potential fundraiser in the club’s future. Words of opening commissions and offering artworks to the public have been shared, with the rest being left up for debate. We are all feverishly waiting for the opportunity to support the art club in whatever creative way they come up with.

The art club welcomes all members, with no regards for one’s artistic prowess! That is to say, you do not have to be the next Picasso to join the art club. Everyone deserves a chance to have fun and express themselves through the various mediums art club presents- from painting, to ceramics, to drawing. It doesn’t matter what you love to create with most- what matters is that you love to create, and art club aims to help you do so.