Club Fair, Something for Everyone


Gabriel Molina, Writer


On Friday, September 17th, the Emerson Junior-Senior High School had its annual Club Fair. The Club Fair performed well and many people participated in joining some clubs.  All students were invited from grades 7th to 12th to join any clubs. This is all to strengthen EHS’s spirit, learn new activities, and be a community. 

There were a total of around thirty clubs that students could participate in. Some of these clubs include the Art club, the Italian club, the Investing club, and the Cavo Cancer Crushers club.

The most popular clubs were the Gardening club headed by Ms. Rehak, and the KEY club headed by Ms. Murphy.

“One hundred and one people filled out the interest application and then eighty-eight people actually applied to be in KEY club and so over the course of this week we are interviewing eighty-eight students,” said Ms. Murphy.

One of the first events for Key Club will be Penny Wars which will raise money for those in New Orleans devastated by Hurricane Ida. Students who join Key Club must complete an interview. They are asked if they have done any volunteer work and why they are joining.  

New clubs starting out are the Cavo Convention club, Spanish club, Chess club, and Unity club. The Cavo Convention club allows students to share their opinions about the world and government and the Unity club celebrates diversity.

The club fair is an important event for the school since it helps students be more involved with their school and helps them discover interests that they might want to follow in the future.

Clubs also have the ability to have a positive impact within EHS and nearby communities. Additionally, EHS is trying to see if they can help these clubs spread more positivity outside of school.

Although the clubs are in full force, it is uncertain whether any will be traveling this year due to COVID.

 “It’s certainly our goal to still get back to that place where clubs can do things that are meaningful outside of our campus,” said Supervisor of Instruction, Mr. Ponchak. 

Emerson may be small but its club fair spreads its diverse interests to unite students at EHS.