Lot’s to Celebrate in the 2021 Pep Rally


Sarah Jablin, Staff Writer

The 2020/2021 school year comes to a close with a postponed pep rally. Due to covid restrictions earlier this year, we had to wait until June for the long awaited EHS pep rally. This is where the student council sets up games and activities for all of the grades to compete against each other. Varsity sports team captains make speeches and talk about how their team did and everyone has a blast. 


This year’s Pep Rally was won by the seniors. Although they were defeated by the freshman in the tug of war, their win was attributed to their school spirit and their choreographed dance. The relay race was a big win for the seniors. 


A big surprise at this year’s pep rally was the freshman winning the tug of war and the water balloon toss. The freshman winning the tug of war was a big upset since upperclassmen typically win this event. There is no doubt that the freshman will be valid competitors in years to come.


Not every grade was happy with the results. “I thought the seniors should have won because it was their last year and they deserved it, but I thought that the freshman or the sophomores should have gottens second over the juniors because they weren’t really that loud and didn’t win any of the games.” said freshman Sherley Arias. 


Even though there was some disagreement, everyone had a blast. “I thought the pep rally was really fun and it was a great way to bring the school together, despite the circumstances we are in. I was surprised the freshman won tug of war and the water balloon toss, and I was happy that the juniors were able to get second place.” said junior Gianna Sassi.


Controversy aside, everyone can agree that this year’s pep rally did not disappoint. It was a great way to end the year and gave everyone a sense of normalcy after a crazy year.