The Best Educational Youtube Channels


Andrew Schwartz, Writer

Since the website Youtube was created in 2008, a variety of channels have been born, each offering something different and unique. However, some have decided to use Youtube as an educational platform, creating videos on academic topics and giving people new insight on what they talk about. With such channels spread around the site, some stand out more than others. This creates a list of Youtubers that are commonly considered the best educational mediums on the website.
The first and most famous of these channels is one by the name Vsauce with 17 million, created in 2010 by Micheal Stevens, a 35 year old man. Since he started posting, he has made a multitude of videos which went viral, has appeared in online news articles, and has met many other popular educational celebrities, such as Bill Nye and David Attenburough. His videos start with him jumping into frame from a side of the screen and announcing, “Hey Vsauce. Micheal here.” where he then proceeds to introduce fascinating questions and respond to them with just as remarkable answers. Some of his most popular videos include “What if Everyone JUMPED at Once?” and “Is Earth Actually Flat?”

The second channel on this list with 19 million subscribers and one that has recently been going viral is called Mark Rober, named after the channel creator, 40 year-old ex-Nasa engineer Mark B. Rober. He created his channel in 2011 while being in his 7th year working in Nasa and continued making educational videos while working there for another two years before quitting his job and becoming a full time youtuber. Since then, he has been producing videos monthly, most of them showing off contraptions he makes and explaining how they work with scientific facts. Some of his videos include “World’s Largest Jello Pool-Can you swim in Jello?” and “Testing if Sharks Can Smell a Drop of Blood” each video currently having 90 million views.

Coming in third, the channel Veritasium with around nine-million subscribers is one which discusses scientific concepts and their impact on the things around us. This channel, run by Derek Alexander Muller, a 38 year-old Australian internet celebrity, has discussed many interesting discoveries made in science by showing examples of how things work around us and how this is related to said discovery. Acclaiming many awards and appearing in a multitude of TV Shows, Mullers channel has slowly gained popularity over the years. The two most popular videos he has are “Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir?” and “Backspin Basketball Flies Off Dam”

These channels, each with their own versions of education and features on them, constitutes for many of the scientific educational videos that are popular on youtube, with millions claiming to find interest in the topics they talk about because of how they introduce and discuss them. While these channels are not the best educational source out there when compared to many other ones out there on the internet, they are able to entice people on these educational concepts which these people would otherwise not care or know about. They are able to give people a new idea of how things work and are able to make us think for ourselves.