Best Chicken Sandwich


Scott Leuck, Author


I am conducting a review on the chicken sandwich from Wendys, Popeyes, and Mcdonalds. Before trying all three, I made my prediction that the best sandwich would be from Mcdonalds.


When visiting Wendy’s, I had to travel through the drive through via car. The worker who took my order was very rude, so I was expecting some very good food considering he decided to act this way. The price was only $1, which was very good considering it is fast food. The sandwich came in Wendys paper wrapping and was very small. Although this sandwich was only $1 it was possibly the biggest waste of money. The bun was dry and the chicken patty was wet. They only put mayonnaise and lettuce on the sandwich. In my opinion, this was a disgrace to the origin of chicken sandwiches. I would rate this a 1/10.


On my visit to Mcdonalds, I had a lot of confidence with this one because of the way Mcdonalds has taken care of me in the past. All through the line of 17 was a solid amount of cars. The line went by very quickly, when I placed my order, the worker was very polite and asked me if I wanted to donate for kids in need. I said no. The chicken sandwich was priced at $3.49; this was a lot more than Wendy’s $1. This sandwich also came in a Mcdonald’s wrapper. This sandwich was significantly better than Wendys, and significantly bigger. It was crispy, had a good amount of mayo, and was all around an elite choice. I would rate this sandwich a 8/10.


When this sandwich was first released there was a lot of hype around it, but I never got around to trying it. The store was located a couple stores in front of Mcdonalds, so it was a relatively quick trip. They were not very welcoming and didn’t seem to care about customer service. The price was the most expensive, coming in at $3.99. This sandwich was in a different packaging and was in a folded paper bag. This sandwich was very crispy and very greasy. It had a mild mayo flavoring with crunchy pickles. This sandwich is well worth the four dollars you pay for it. I would rate this sandwich 9/10.

Overall, my favorite sandwich was the Popeyes chicken sandwich with a close win over Mcdonalds. Although the price was higher, the crunch and delivery of the sandwich was on point. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who enjoys a crispy chicken sandwich. Overall these high class chicken sandwiches were all edible but, I would only go out and get Popeyes.