Top Four Best Donut Places In Bergen County


Madison Brahm, Writer

There have been a lot of new donut shops opening up in Bergen County. Donuts are one of my favorite desserts and I am going to be trying four donut places and deciding what place has the best donuts. I am going to rate them based on price, taste, menu options, and the overall experience I get from buying my donuts. 

The first place I went to was Glazed Donuts located in New Milford, NJ. There is normally no line when I go in or just one person in front of me. It is best to go earlier in the day because the later you wait, the more likely they are to run out of a lot of donuts. The employees were very friendly and patient while I was deciding what donuts I wanted. 

The price for a dozen of their classic donuts is $14.00 which was a fair price for a dozen donuts. For taste, I would rate it an 8/10. Lastly, the menu I would rate a 8/10. They ran out of a lot of their donuts by the time I went so there was not as much to choose from. 

The second place I went to was Krispy Kreme, located in Paramus, NJ. Krispy Kreme normally has a long line, but it goes very quickly. They also make their donuts throughout the day, so they are always fresh when you go in. As you wait in line, you can watch the donuts being freshly made through a glass window, which is very cool to watch.

The price for a custom assorted dozen of donuts is $18.99, which is very fair because they are all custom. I would rate the taste a 9/10. Overall, their menu I would rate a 10/10. They always have what you want and a variety of different options. 

The third place I went to was Duck Donuts in Paramus, NJ. When I walked in there was a short wait. As I waited in line, I watched the donuts being made through a glass window. The employees were very patient and friendly as I made my choices of what I wanted. 

The price for a dozen custom donuts is  $20.99. I would rate the taste a 9/10. Lastly, their menu I would give a 10/10. They custom make your donuts for you so you can really get whatever you want. 

The fourth place I went to was Dunkin Donuts located in Emerson, NJ. When I walked in, there was no one on line so it was very quick. They did not have as many donuts to choose from and their flavors were very simple compared to the other places. The employees were also very friendly and were patient as I made my choices. 

The price is $11.99 for a dozen donuts and I would rate the taste a 6/10.

Overall, my favorite donut place is definitely Duck Donuts as their donuts were the best tasting and they had a variety of freshly made donuts to choose from.