New Covid Guidelines as of May 28

Shaye Diverio, Writer

As of recent news, the New Jersey mask mandate and social distancing rules are on their way out. On Monday, Phil Murphy announced that he will be easing a lot of  restrictions and mandates. 

North Jersey news reported, “The governor said people will no longer have to wear face coverings indoors or maintain social distancing requirements in most places, though he strongly urged unvaccinated people to continue those protective measures. Lifting indoor gathering limits is on the horizon, too.” 

Schools, healthcare, travel, and any healthcare facilities are mandated to have masks, but any other places have the choice of mandating masks. 

Murphy said, “Requirements to maintain six feet of social distancing indoors and outdoors will end on Friday, May 28, the governor said. New Jerseyans will no longer be required to distance themselves from restaurants, retail stores, personal care businesses, gyms, and recreational businesses including casinos.”

Another benefit to this is that masks will no longer be mandated at religious services, political activities, memorials, and weddings.

EHS student, Dylan Covello, says, “ I am so excited to start finally getting back to normal and being able to get chances we have not had in the past year especially with the conclusion of my senior year coming up.” 

“I work at a restaurant and I am happy that I may not be mandated to wear a mask at all especially with the temperature in the restaurant constantly rising as it is getting hotter out and with summer coming,” Jimmy Csapo says. 

An important detail to remember is that people may not be completely mask free because businesses can still require you to wear masks to protect their employees and ourselves. 

“Individual businesses and other entities which oversee indoor spaces may continue to require that their employees and customers or guests wear face masks,” Murphy said.

Those who are not vaccinated are encouraged to wear masks although they will not be checking people are hopeful that they will do it for the good of others. 

Murphy said law enforcement would not be checking peoples’ vaccination status, but, “we are asking people to be responsible to do the right thing for your own safety and the safety of your community. If you feel more comfortable wearing your face mask when shopping or waiting for your table at a restaurant, by all means you may continue to do so.” 

Overall, as a country, we are working towards making things better and slowly getting back to normal.