Sport Stadiums Ask Their Fans For A Vaccine Card

Kaitlyn Mc Namara, writer

Many people are getting vaccinated, which is allowing the stadiums to have fans to watch the sporting events. Howerver, when you get to the Yankee stadium, many of the workers are asking to look at your card to prove that you are vaccinated. 

As the pandemic started last March, all sports seasons paused their season. Even when sports resumed, in the summer, there were no fans in the stadium. That means fewer than 2,000 fans at the city’s main indoor stadiums, like Madison Square Garden and Barcalys Center. 

According to Healthline, since last month, New York City has allowed limited attendance at the sporting events there were not allowed no more than ten percent of the venue’s total capacity was allowed. 

There were only a limited number of people allowed at the sporting events due to the covid regulations and the guidelines. 

According to CBS News, Oracle Park, which is home to the San Francisco Giants, and Citi Field, which is home to the New York Mets. There is a long list of sport spaces that are now requiring digital vaccine verifications. The app that many have been using is called Health App from a technology company that is clear for Covid-19 screening. 

These stadiums are doing this to follow all the health and safety protocols to be sure that everyone is safe and that the stadiums will be able to remain open. 

The New York Yankees stated, “Guests holding valid game tickets who cannot present proof of either a negative COVID-19 test within the required timeframes or proof of a COVID-19 full vaccination will not be allowed inside Yankee Stadium.” 

Sport seasons are not guaranteed to last because of covid and everyone that plays a sport wants to continue to be able to play sports without a covid breakout. They also want to be able to have fans during their sporting event. Therefore, they are doing everything in their power to make sure that everyone is safe during the sporting event. 

According to CBS, if fans have a recent negative covid test, they will be able to enter the stadium. Furthermore, many people do not feel comfortable getting vaccinated and because of that getting tested gives them an opportunity to be able to watch the game.