Missing Tiger Found In Houston

Samaria RIvera , Writer

As of one week ago, a missing Bengal tiger was found roaming around Texas completely unharmed after being moved to an animal sanctuary.

A 26 year old man was caught on camera giving a kiss to the tiger and then placing the animal in his car and driving off. The man was identified to be Victor Cuevas and was arrested soon after he was freed on Wednesday and rearrested once again on Friday, facing past murder charges.

On May 9th, the nine month old tiger, named India, was spotted by locals roaming around in a garden. A couple videos show an off duty police officer pulling a gun on the tiger. The officer did not shoot and Cuevas came just in time to take away the animal. The owner of the tiger agreed to hand it over to the police as it is illegal to own a tiger in Houston, Texas. The tiger had been living in the unidentified woman’s house for the past few months and experts say it was not good for the tiger to be held captive in a house, so there was no argument when she handed them over.

 Texas is well known for having a large number of tigers in captivity and wants to announce they are going to try their best to take care of the tiger and keep it healthy and happy. A video was also released of the tiger being pet and given something to drink.

Cuevas refused to announce where the tiger had been for the past week and the owner was stressed having known the tigers, whereabouts at all times, but the tiger is now safe in Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch where it has its own habitat and half an acre of land to roam freely without causing any damage. The tiger will be staying in the shelter to live out the rest of its years.