Why Virtual Learning Should Not Have Been an Option Q4

Emma Rivers, Writer

  Most children spend sixhours per day attending school; some parents say this is not enough time for children to master concepts, while other parents say this is too much time spent with school and homework. 

 Emerson Public Schools offer the opportunity for the fourth marking period to attend school fully virtual. This may have been the right choice for some families who want to keep their kids remote until they are vaccinated.

 To operate on a fully virtual schedule requires strong self-motivation and time management skills. As well as a tremendous amount of effort which not all students are willing to include, making  virtual learning an overall battle.

 On the other hand,many students choose to operate on a full virtual schedule because many teachers focus on their class in the building and give the learner a break, many students also feel that cheating is more of an option.

 States such as Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, California, Virginia, and Georgia, among others, are still going to offer a fully virtual option for the upcoming school year and said they plan to offer remote learning in the fall.

 In my opinion,there should not be a reason to include virtual learning into the quarter four marking period due to the fact that as of May 18. There are 100,000,000 vaccines have been given out. 98% of teachers are fully vaccinated, et cetera. This could help with parents’ fear of sending their child back, but by the time we attend school in the fall, hopefully all people over 65 are completely vaccinated.