Reinstatement on Johnson and Johnsons Vaccine

Isabella Winograd, Writer

The Johnson and Johnsons vaccine has been reinstated.

The vaccine is the only vaccine to have only one dose. It is a vaccine that aims to protect against Covid-19.

According to the FDA,  the reason they paused the vaccine is because there were reports of six cases of a rare and severe type of blood clots in patients that have received the vaccine. 

But a lot of people do not like it. They look at it as a participation trophy. According to USCF, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine only has a 74% effective rate. Unlike the others that have a 90% effective rate according to NBC news. 

People are getting the Johnson Johnson vaccine because it is one shot, but it does not provide total immunity. It just helps you fight it and lowers the rise of hospitalization so people can still get it and spread it. 

About a week ago, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was pulled from every state because it was relating to causing  blood clots in women.

The vaccine was allowed to be available after the mandatory eleven days pause time. 

This vaccine is now available and has been brought back to be used on anyone who chooses it. 

According to NBC Chicago,  there have been 6.8 million doses of the J&J vaccines administered in the U.S so far. 


According to AMA, the symptoms of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine are flu-like. Such as a mild to moderate headache, fatigue, fever, and muscle aches. These symptoms should resolve in one to two days. 


The FDA and CDC have confidence that this vaccine is safe and effective in preventing COVID-19. 

Researching the different vaccines before choosing one is a very good idea.