“What the Health” Documentary Review


Adrienne Sabatier, Writer

On March 7th, 2021, Netflix released a documentary called “What the Health”. This documentary reveals the ugly truth about the foods we eat everyday.

The first thing we learn from this document is the truth about all meats like pork, chicken, fish, and beef. The documentary found studies that link diabetes and cancer to the meats people are consuming, and genetics do not necessarily cause these diseases.

In 800 studies, it is found one serving of deli meat gives you a 51% chance of getting cancer. The studies also found that meat is classified on the same level cigarettes are. Which is scary to think because we consume meat a lot not knowing how dangerous it actually is.

Sources like “American Diabetes Association” and “American Cancer Association” recommend a meat diet to diabetic and cancer patients, when it is the possible link that causes it. The speaker in the documentary goes out of his way to go to the corporate offices of these organizations to see why they recommended meat for their diet and their answer was, “unfortunately hospitals make money off these surgeries.”

With some more digging, we learned that these associations are sponsors for meat and fast food companies. Which is ironic because they are supposed to be helping you but are harming you.

These meats are so dangerous because of the living conditions these animals live in. These animals live in unclean circumstances with diseases and bacteria. To fight off these infections, the farmers feed these animals antibiotics. 80% of antibiotics that are made in the U.S. are specifically for livestock. So now when you eat these animals, you are also consuming whatever was put in them.

This can really affect pregnant women since everything they eat does affect their baby, and eating meats can possibly cause a deform in their baby.

In conclusion, you can not trust any source nowadays because we might not realize it but every company is controlled by the government or lets money get in the way of telling the truth.

Also that meats are so much more harmful than we may think they are. In conclusion we should watch what is being put into their body and finding a reliable source