Good Trouble Review


Eleeza Kapadia, Writer

Currently, the full season 3 of the show Good Trouble has just come out on Hulu. It is a show filled with drama, as it encompasses the lives of two sisters, their friends, and their relationships. 

Good Trouble is the spinoff of the show, The Fosters. Callie and Mariana, both adopted sisters, were main characters in The Fosters. Good Trouble revolves around their lives. The show goes into detail about their relationships, their jobs, and how sometimes these two intersect, creating conflicts and problems.

In addition to Mariana and Callie, the show focuses on each of the lives of their friends. The sisters live in a communal living place, called the Coterie, and become friends with the others who live there. Each of the members of the Coterie face trouble with their work and relationships, but at the end of the day, they all come together and are like a family. Mariana, Callie, and their friends grow to have friendships, and even some relationships with the others in the Coterie.

Throughout the show, it is clear that all of the main characters have their strengths and weaknesses. Some are bad with work, some are bad with relationships, and some do not know when their passions carry them too far and create problems. For example, Malika, who lives in the Coterie, is very passionate about Black Lives Matter. As her zealousness to protest and protect others increases, she finds herself arrested and in jail. 

It is clear that Good Trouble encompasses a theme of balance. Many of the characters in the show have a hard time balancing their work and personal life. When the two combine, it creates  trouble, and leaves the characters in a difficult predicament. 

For example, Mariana had quit her job with three of her friends, and they had planned to start a company of their own. At the same time, Mariana was dating the CEO of the company, but did not tell anyone because it would make her look bad. When her friends had the idea of suing her boyfriend and his company, it left her in a tough situation. This makes the show very enthralling to keep watching because the audience does not know what choice she will make to find a solution.

I highly recommend this show. It is very captivating, and leaves many cliffhangers even within the episodes. I like the complexity of their lives and think that each of their problems create drama that is very enjoyable to watch. I have finished all three seasons, and I am excited for the fourth one to be released.