Potential War Between Ukraine and Russia


Sherry Hausman , Writer

Tensions in 2014 between Russia and Ukraine and now starting to escalate to war, and has grasped the attention of other countries including America. 

Many have spotted Russian military troops heading towards the Ukraine border. They are now staying in an area known as Crimea, which has been annexed from Ukraine since March of 2014. When questioned on these actions, Russian officials responded that they are simply using the land for exercises. 

According to BBC News, “President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said moving troops across Russian territory was an “internal affair”. Some of the troops, including units in Crimea, have been on exercises. But Mr. Peskov also accused Ukraine of staging “provocations”. 

The conflict started in 2014 when Russia started to invade Crimea. Many Ukrainians wanted to join with Russia and create a “New Russia”. These people were known as separatists. This new Russian – backed group, has been colliding with the Ukraine military for years. Over 10,300 people have died and more injured since 2014. 

There have been attempts to defuse the situation in the past. Global Conflict Tracker states, “In April 2016, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) announced that the alliance would deploy four battalions to Eastern Europe, rotating troops through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland to deter possible future Russian aggression elsewhere in Europe, particularly in the Baltics.” Later in 2017, U.S troops joined the forces in the Poland areas. 

This conflict has started to rise again because Ukrainians are suspicious of the Russian military activity in Crimea. They are preparing for another invasion. Even though Ukraine is not technically with NATO, they have a special thirty-country alliance which is why they are provided with protection. 

The main concern for America is that the Ukraine alliance may interfere with Russian relations. There is suspicion that the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is testing President Biden. It is obvious that President Biden has been tougher on Russia than our last president, and Mr. Putin wants to see how strong their relations are. 

If the current Russian militaries continue to move toward Ukraine and due to conflicts in the past, a war may break out between Russia and Ukraine. This may impact the relationships of the U.S. and Russia if the U.S. chooses to intervene.