Does Online School Affect How Students Learn?


Maria Koutsothanasis, Writer

Covid-19 has had an enormous impact on schools and how they educate their students. In March of 2020, school was shut down for two weeks. Two weeks turned into the rest of the school year.

Online school has negatively affected students and how they are learning the information being given to them. 

Being behind a screen could easily distract many students. A study made by Kent State University discovered, “students who took online and face-to-face courses; 25% said they were more likely to listen to music, send text messages, chat on social networks or surf the Internet in online courses than in a classroom.”

This proves that online school has negatively affected students and how focused they are while they are learning behind a screen. 

I think that students and their families’ health is very important. That being said, students’ education is definitely important as well.

Personally, learning from at home has been a struggle. Having a household filled with people and different things always going on around me, it is very easy for me to get distracted. 

A fellow peer of mine stated, “with my siblings always running around the house and yelling, it is very hard to focus on what is being taught.”

I believe that with masks and social distancing, in person school would be more successful and beneficial for the students that are struggling when learned at home. 

This pandemic has been a hassle for people around the world, and the stress of school should not add onto it if the right precautions are being taken.