Alex Rodriguez Deals to Make a New and Significant Purchase


Eleeza Kapadia, Writer

Currently, former New York Yankees baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, inquires with a new purchase that may change the future of an NBA team. Although the deal is not official yet, Alex Rodriguez is close to becoming the new owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

A team purchase is expensive and comes with a lot of responsibilities. Along with Alex Rodriguez, billionaire Marc Lore will also become a co-owner of the Timberwolves. They have done a lot of work to progress this project. This duo has earned the exclusive negotiating rights to continue to follow through with this deal.

Many people, including former owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Glen Taylor, think this purchase is right for them and is very approving of their plans to take his place.

According to an article by CNBC, Glen Taylor states, “These are a couple of very bright guys, and I think it could be helpful to the club, and I think I could be helpful to them so that they feel confident once they take over 100%.”

In addition to the support from the former owner, Alex Rodriguez is also enthusiastic about creating a plan with Glen Taylor and becoming part of the team, and its legacy.

According to an article by Sportsnaut, Alex says, “We look forward to entering this phase of the process with Glen Taylor. Our respect for him and the legacy he has built lays on an amazing foundation of what is to come. We are excited about the prospect of getting to know the Timberwolves organization.”

Despite the fact that there is much appraisal from others about Alex Rodriguez buying this team, some people believe that his intentions for the location of the team are unfavorable. There is speculation that he will move the team to the east coast, or even to New York.

According to an article by Fansided, it states, “Both are from New York City…Rodriguez played the final 12 years of his career with the New York Yankees, and the majority of Lore’s business dealings have remained on the East Coast.”

To continue, it has been common for basketball players to buy NBA teams in their retirement. Players of a team generally know who they are because of their past career. Although it is not exactly uncommon for a baseball player to buy a team affiliated to another sport, some players might not even know who their new owner is. Anthony Edwards, a rookie player from the Timberwolves, is part of that group of players.

According to an article by CNBC, it states, “…What do you mean? Who is he? I don’t know who he is… I don’t know nothing about baseball.”

Although the players may not be fans of baseball, Chris Finch, the coach of the team, is very excited about the pending Wolves sale to Alex Rodriguez. He had recently said that he was a big baseball fan. He was also excited to talk baseball with a former MLB superstar, and to see what he would bring to the team. It is clear that this new deal is something that many people have mixed feelings about, but it is definitely something that will change the future of the team.