Best Season of Grey’s Anatomy


Isabella Winograd, Writer

Grey’s Anatomy is a TV show series on ABC (American Broadcasting Company). According to INsider, the first episode of Greys came out March 27, 2005. There are seventeen seasons and 373 episodes that have been aired. The last episode that has come out was April 8th, 2021. 

I have been watching this show for over two years now, and I absolutely love it. If I had to choose my favorite show, it would certainly be Grey’s Anatomy. The drama between the doctors, the different relationships, and all the chaoticness makes the show very interesting to watch.  

In my opinion, the best season of Grey’s Anatomy is season two. So many things happen in this season. 

Season 2

Season two has 27 very interesting episodes. The first eventful situation that occurs is Merideth was confronted by the wife of the man she slept with, the man being her boss Derek Shepard. Also, Christina, Meredith’s best friend, revealed to us that she is pregnant with her boss’s baby. This was all in one episode. You can see how crazy these episodes can get. 

Although that was only one episode, there are still 26 more. In the rest of the season there is so much that happened continuing with a train crash bringing multiple traumas in the hospital, causing major caos. Next, the nurses went on strike and left all the doctors to be on their own. Without the help of the nurses, these surgeons are running around like crazy, trying to do everything for themselves.

Another big occurrence in season two was code black. Code black is a code the doctors use when there is a bomb inside of the hospital. This was a very eventful episode when a patient came in because he got fired by a machine he made at home. 

This machine fired an active bomb into the abdominal area of this man. Nobody knew the bomb was active. While in surgery, Meredith was told she is holding an active bomb. Meredith had to wait for the bomb squad to show up. Then she could proceed to complete the rest of the surgery. While doing this they had to move operating rooms in case the bomb did go off, so that it did not go off above all the gas tanks. 

One other eventful episode of this season was when Izzie, a doctor on the show, took matters into her own hands trying to get a new heart for a patient she was emotionally connected to. Izzie went against all protocols and directions from her advisors to try and save her patient. But Izzie did not do this all by herself. The other doctors that were interns had helped her with and were all involved in this mess she made. 

This season of Grey’s Anatomy was definitely my favorite season so far.At the moment I am watching season 17. I highly recommend going to go watch Grey’s!