Should Social Distancing be Cut Down From 6 Feet to 3 Feet?


Leah Smith, Writer

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is considering the idea of changing the 6 foot rule into three feet within schools. Worldwide schools are required to keep their students and staff six feet apart from one another, but there is now speculation from other schools whether or not this rule is necessary.

The origin behind the six feet rule, and why it’s mandatory everywhere is because it was believed that the virus was spread through large respiratory droplets that could travel up to six feet. Scientists later found out that the virus spreads through airborne droplets which can travel longer distances greater than six feet, and can be spread into the air within hours.

A week ago, the CID noted that Covid-19 rates were lower in schools than in outside communities. Some public health officials have been loosening the six foot distance requirements; however rules requiring masks remain the same. This has caused a debate within communities to the point where schools are unsure if they want to go through with the three foot rule. 

One side of the debate disagrees, thinking that it is better to stay safe and not risk student’s health, while others think the three feet apart rule can be a start to bringing everything back to normal. 

“I don’t think it should change, because the six feet apart rule helps us to maintain a distance from others and three feet may make others feel like they don’t have space,” Natania Sarita, a junior at Emerson Junior-Senior High School stated.

Meanwhile, there are people in the community that support the idea, and don’t think the six feet apart rule is necessary.

“I think that the six feet a part rule should be cut down to three feet to allow students to engage more with each other in the classroom. We can try and get to as normal as physically possible and we can do this by implementing a three feet apart rule,” Casira Laureano, another junior at Emerson Junior-Senior High School claimed.

In the meantime, the six feet rule still stands until CID makes their final decision.