Wedding Crashers Review

By Scott Leuck


Scott Leuck, Writer

In 2005, Wedding Crashers was released as a romantic comedy with actors Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn starring in the main roles. It is known as one of the best comedies of the 2010s and is still being streamed on TV channels to this day.

The brief synopsis is two friends, John and Jeremy, find a random wedding and attend them as well as the after parties. Then they get into an entanglement, as John falls in love with one of the daughters. 

In my opinion, this movie is funny if you have a certain type of humor; it is very similar to Grown Ups. The film gives a very good picture on John and Jeremy’s relationship. They are always there for each other and will go to extreme lengths to make sure they have fun. 

The other characters, mainly Mr. Cleary’s kids all have very different unique personalities. Claire’s boyfriend, Sack, is a very active and impulsive guy who is athletic and immature. He has problems with John throughout the movie because John is trying to hook up with Claire. Claire’s sister, Gloria, is a very unique charecter. She is a very young and innocent woman who ends up surprising Jeremy’s charecter. She then proceeds to show extreme feelings and expresses them throughout the movie. The mom is similar to Gloria when it comes to similar interests.

 Mr. Cleary’s son, Todd, is a painter who does not fit in with the family at all. For Mr Cleary himself, he is a basic man that does not require a lot.

By the end of the movie, Jeremy and John have learned from their experiences and go to see their friend who was their mentor at the wedding crashing. Jeremy and John have learned their lessons from this, but sadly their friend has not. He crashes funerals. 

I personally think this a relatively funny movie, not the funniest I have seen though. I really like how all the characters really came together and how the director threw in certain scenes. I also like how John falls in love with someone after all that time.