“The College Admissions Scandal”: Review


Adrienne Sabatier, Writer

In March 2021 Netflix released a documentary called “Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal”.This scandal starts with the mastermind behind it, who is Rick Singers. He was a basketball coach but was fired from coaching. Shortly after his firing, he became a college recruiter, and essentially got rich kids into their dream schools. This scandal had gone on for years and made him millions of dollars.

As a former coach, Rick knew what was needed in order to reach the athletic requirements for students to get into college. Therefore, he would get paid to teach kids these sports and photoshop them to look like they have played it for years. 

This business started to grow quickly for him and he started getting more connections from different schools, which made it easier for him to get these kids in. He even had a man named Mark Riddell that worked in testing rooms and was paid to change a students’ answer sheet after everyone left to give them a higher score.

Rick Singer was very confident that his business was kept a secret and no one would ever find out. However, someone had traded information to the cops about his scheme to escape charges that were unrelated towards him. In order for Singer to escape jail time, he agreed to have all his phone calls recorded. This exposed a lot of famous people bribing him to get their kids into college.

As some of you know, Lori Loughlin , the mother of influencer Olivia Jade, was caught bribing Rick in order to get both her daughters into the University of Southern California and claiming they were part of a crew team. Olivia had received a lot of hate from it online and her mother even ended up in jail.

This documentary was very eye-opening and brought to light how everything is rigged. Colleges value the money aspect and not necessarily the potential of the students. It also shows how celebrities have the power to do anything possible (and for a while) without questioning. I highly recommend watching with friends to reveal the unfortunate truth about college scandals.