The Greatest to Ever Play the Game


Jimmy Csapo, Writer

Tom Brady is one of the greatest athletes this world has ever seen. He has been to the Super Bowl ten times in his 21 year career and has won seven times out of those ten times. Recently, Tom Brady showed the world why he is one of the greatest. People thought that the last 20 years he was only good because of his coach and the line that was guarding him. But, this year he was on a totally different team and had a different line guarding him. He proved the world wrong and he destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs; the Chiefs won the super bowl last year.

Brady’s win percentage is the best ever in the game of football for a quarterback ,which is the leading position on the football field. He controls where the ball goes and he can throw or run the ball depending on the play and how the defense plays against the offensive line. Also, his win percentage in the playoffs is the best ever and he has played the most amount of games in the playoffs.

Tom Brady is 43 years old and he is playing against athletes who just came out of college and athletes who are so much younger than him. Many people question, how does Tom Brady still play football at the age of 43? It is because of his wild diet that allows him to compete at a high level. According to an article on Men´s Health, Tom Brady´s diet is 80% vegetables, he has many smoothies, eggs, bananas, salads, and chicken. Tom Brady says that he does allow himself some breathing room when it comes to his diet. 

He says,¨You should never restrict what you really want. We’re humans, here for one life; That stress is going to harm you way more than eating that chip is,'” he explained.¨

Tom Brady´s mentality is different from everyone else´s as well; he hates being called the ¨goat ¨, according to sources from Boston. The word ¨goat¨ means the greatest of all time. If someone calls an athlete a ¨goat¨ they praise that athlete for all of the things he has done in his past and how they influence generations of that sport. He would rather be trash talked to than be called the ¨goat¨ because he would rather just prove people wrong and that is what he is best at. Tom Brady always does great things in clutch moments when his team really needs a leader and that is why he stands out from all of the quarterbacks the NFL has seen.