Top 10 Self-Improvement Books Recommended by Successful People


Ava Mokrzecki, Writer

After a great extent of research and reading, a list of the top 10 books that successful people have recommended has been created. Many of them wish they had read these books earlier because of how dramatically they have impacted their lives for the better.


Ask any successful business person, teacher, CEO, etc., and they will likely say that reading can truly transform a person through education. If you are looking to improve your life, relationships, and thoughts, read these ten books recommended by people who once wanted to do the same.


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki

How does one make decisions when they have two different people giving them opposite advice? Robert Kiyosaki tells the story of how he grew up with two dads- his biological father and biological father’s best friend. Both of his fathers influenced his thoughts about business and finances, and the author ultimately explains how to make your money work for you, instead of using your time to work for money. 


How to Win Friends and Influence People

Dale Carnegie

Gaining friends and popularity is likely something that the average person would love to do. 

This book will help the reader become a more persuasive and impactful person. Small, simple strategies such as listening, smiling, and showing appreciation go a long way. The reader will understand the importance of keeping other’s interests in mind and how to make others feel important. Dale Carnegie delivers skills to become more popular and make others enjoy your presence with tips that can positively change the way others view you. 


Atomic Habits

James Clear

A habit is a constantly repeated routine or tendency that is difficult to give up. Atomic Habits by James Clear guides the reader to build good habits and prevent bad ones. This insightful book puts into perspective the impact of improvement and that over time, even the smallest changes can make a huge difference.


Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

This classic book has been recommended by so many successful people because of how the educational principles taught have been applied in their own lives. Blinkist describes this book as a “classic that demonstrates how wealth is rarely the result of luck or coincidence, and that, almost always, it’s the outcome of traits and skills anyone can learn and acquire.” There are many impactful and memorable stories throughout this book that Napoleon Hill uses to emphasize the importance of the skill or attitude that he wants the readers to take away.


The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Stephen R. Covey

This book, written by Stephen R. Covey, explains seven principles that have helped successful people get to the place they are today. Learn to effectively deal with the world around you by becoming more proactive, problem-solving, and learning to lead a fulfilling life. By applying these concepts in everyday life, this Bestseller has helped millions of people of all ages and professions transform their lives for the better. 


The Four- Hour Work Week

Tim Ferriss

Have you ever dreamed of ditching your job to enjoy a leisurely lifestyle and increase or automate your income? If you answered yes, then Tim Ferriss has you covered. Learn how to negotiate, become more productive, and make the most of your working hours, so you can spend more time doing what you love. 


Who Moved my Cheese?

Dr. Spencer Johnson

Change is inevitable, but what matters most is how you deal with it. The story follows four mice stuck in a maze who have to deal with unexpected changes when looking for their cheese reward. This short book will help readers develop a mindset to overcome the fear of change and learn from it.


The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin

More so than money, many people believe that achieving happiness should be the ultimate goal in one’s life. Gretchen Rubin talks about her own dissatisfaction in life ,despite having all she believed she wanted, like money, a family, friends, and a good job. The Happiness Project is a book that will encourage readers to think more positively about their journey in life when achieving the things they desire. 


The 80/20 Principle

Richard Koch

The main idea of this self-improvement book is that 80% of our results and work are generated by 20% of our time and effort. The author wants the reader to understand how to achieve much more in a short amount of time and with less effort. The 80/20 Principle can change what people spend their time on and discover what things truly matter.


The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle provides principles that can help readers achieve inner peace and connect with spirituality to ultimately result in personal growth. Living in the present and being cognizant of one’s existence and relationships are skills that will be improved. 


Now that you have read this list of self-improvement books and descriptions about them, it is encouraged that you go to your nearest bookstore or library and take the time to read these books. Do some research of your own and try to absorb the information in these books and stories to use to your advantage. Hopefully, your everyday life and ways of thinking will improve and you will learn essential skills that can transform you and your relationships.