Should The United States Make Puerto Rico a State or Not?


Valentina Jara, Writer

Puerto Rico has been a U.S. territory since 1917, however, there has been a debate on whether it should become a state or keep it a territory. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens but do not have the same rights as citizens that live in the United States. The debate on whether or not if Puerto Rico should become a state is based on that Puerto Ricans can not vote in the elections, pay more taxes, etc. 

According to U.S. News, “They feel (especially in the aftermath of Maria) ignored by the U.S. government, and yet they risk their lives for it: Puerto Ricans have fought in U.S. military engagements from World War I onward, and are noted in history for the heroism of the 65th Infantry Regiment during the Korean War.”

Citizens who live and grew up in Puerto Rico do not know if they want the country to be a state of the United States. Puerto Ricans feel like what is the point of paying taxes to the United States and fighting in the military when Puerto Rico is not even being taken care of. After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico has been financially unstable. 

Puerto Ricans do not even feel like Americans because of how the U.S. treats Puerto Rico. These people fought for the United States and they have been part of the U.S. for a long time. They have done a lot and Americans just push them aside.

Furthermore, Puerto Rico becoming a state is not realistic for either the U.S. or Puerto Rico. However, it would be beneficial for Puerto Rico to be a state because the country is in trouble financially. 

According to the Washington Post, in order for Puerto Rico to become a state, both sides of our government have to agree. Some politicians have mentioned that Puerto Rico is in a lot of debt and if the U.S made it a state, their debt would be added to the U.S. debt. 

Puerto Rico should become a state because Puerto Ricans are paying taxes and are U.S. citizens, but are not allowed to vote. Puerto Ricans are following what we do in the U.S. so they should be allowed to vote, get funding, and not pay so much in taxes. The United States needs to end the debate of Puerto Rico becoming a state. Puerto Rico should not be forgotten.