What People Think of Biden’s New Laws


Vicente Garcia, Writer

On January 20th, Joe Biden became the 46th President of the United States. During his first days of being in office. Joe Biden sets new laws that will affect the people, dramatically.

President Joe Biden has made it easier for immigrants  to get legal citizenship. The idea is that immigrants could apply for citizenship legally and in a faster way. Additionally, he decreased border patrol and stopped the wall from getting built. This will give immigrants here more room. As well changing minimum wage jobs paying $15 now.

This change of ideas of concepts will affect the future dramatically.  There is a chance that these new bills or laws will impact America negatively, considering this will take a lot of time to organize and actually accomplish.

From what the media has shown for the reactions of these new laws, plenty were thrilled about the new actions that were taken. However, there will always be people that think the opposite.

A majority thinks that opening a new, legal fast pace way for immigrants to enter the U.S is a bad idea because of overpopulation. However, others think that it would be a good idea because they will pay taxes and be a regular citizen. They think it is a good way to reunite with family members or build a better future as an immigrant.

Immidetidalty after certain laws were passed or signed, people have noticed that other people regret voting for Biden or support Biden now. Many comments and phrases like “Joe Biden is not my president” stated mostly by Americans. 

Many people are starting to realize that Joe Biden and Trump were not fit for the role of president. However, this does not change the fact that these two individuals have and will continue to make recent changes in the world. 

On his first day, President Biden pushed the minimum wage earning to $15. According to AEI, this is a hazard that could cause a poverty outbreak and many jobs could be destroyed. 

Many people do not understand that this could lead to an outbreak of poverty to many families. Usually I think paying higher for a minimum wage job is a good outcome.

Supporters of Biden are kind of realising that most of these “good” laws will mostly likely have a horrible outbreak. However, citizens and other people outside the country can not point any figures or critisize Joe Biden’s new laws.

There will be a lot of hatred against the two parties and how the president governs. President Joe Biden has made a lot of changes on the first day being president. This has sparked a lot of conflict between many people. 

For now all individuals must be prepared for what will happen in the future. Everyone is hoping that President Biden will do a great job in office.