Should Students be Allowed the Option to Have Their Camera on or off?


Adrienne Sabatier, Writer

In the current pandemic that is covid-19, most jobs and schools have switched to communicating online. They use programs like Zoom or Google Meet to have classes or meetings. In certain schools, students, cameras are required to be on to receive full attendance. This has created the big argument whether or not cameras should be required to be on. 

The first reason why they should be required to be on is for the current increase in family violence at home. During covid-19, a lot of families have been confined to one house for a long period of time, which caused an increase of aggressive behavior . Families also suffered from financial stress which caused many people to cope in unhealthy ways which led to violence. This has not only affected the U.S. but countries worldwide. Schools want to make sure students are in a safe environment and well. Therefore if someone were in trouble a teacher can quickly notice it and seek help for their student. 

Secondly, students tend to join classes with their camera off and leave or fall asleep. So it seems to the teacher that the student is present and learning when truly the student is not even paying attention. This is a big issue because it is already hard enough for teachers to try to teach students over a computer, but students faking being in class makes it so much harder to get the students to learn. Especially if almost half the class chooses to do that, it becomes a bad habit for students .

Lastly, having your camera on is very appreciated by teachers. Teachers are having a hard time trying to teach virtually and staring at blocks can become very disheartening. Having your camera on always making you more likely to pay attention and participate in class. Teachers are people too and do not want to sit in a room alone in front of a laptop with no one talking. So please have your camera on for yourself ,your teachers ,and your classmates . Just to make things feel a little bit more normal.