What are Students’ Opinions on the Capitol Riot?


Angelina Moschella, Writer

The riots at the Capitol have taken a toll on former President Donald Trump’s presidency history and the history of the United States forever.

On January 6th, 2021, there were attacks by a mob of rioters outside and inside of the Capitol. The  rioters were Trump supporters looking for a way to overturn Trump’s loss in the 2020 election. The results of the 2020 election were decided and Joe Biden was declared President of the United States. While most people were happy with these results, others were not so happy. Instead, they took matters into their own hands and made these attacks to support Trump. At the end of the day, the Capitol was torn apart, with windows being shattered and rooms inside  completely trashed with what the rioters left behind. Now, many people are speaking out on their thoughts and opinions on this situation. And some students’ voices want to be heard as well.

“The riots that happened at the Capitol not long ago were very ignorant and unnecessary. I wish everyone could just be calm about things that they don’t want. For example, Trump got impeached again and the republicans were mad. It makes me mad that they can’t just calm down so they don’t have to create a riot about it. And in the results of these riots, people had got killed and badly affected by this. The Capitol was also destroyed on the inside and outside,” said Alexa Guglielmi, a student at EJSHS. She was very distraught by these actions at the Capitol and wishes there was a better compromise to this situation.

“I think what happened at the Capitol recently was messed up. In my opinion, creating riots can be a bad idea because it can lead to something even worse in the end. For example, this riot led to people being shot and dead, and people sneaking into buildings,” said Juliana Guglielmi, Alexa Guglielmi’s cousin and a student at Morris Knolls High School. She was also very disappointed by the actions of the rioters. These actions are not beneficial to anyone in the world. It is only dividing us as a country.

“I think this riot that recently happened was kind of deserved. All the democrats go insane when something doesn’t go their way, and the one time republicans do something about a situation, everyone gets mad. But I think this was fair. I don’t think that people getting shot was fair at all and that is very wrong to be doing to innocent people. But just protesting in my opinion was needed to show the democrats that we’re not quiet and will speak up on what we think is right for us,” said Michael Lavista, a student at Lindhurst High School. Michael does see the wrong in some of the actions done at the Capitol, but he feels it was the only way for the Republicans voices to be heard. This is a great example of diverse opinions and thoughts on a situation like this. While some may have one opinion on a situation, others may have another.

Many people have different points of views on this situation. Some may think the same thing, but others may disagree and say differently. It is fair for everyone’s voices to be heard equally, whether it be out of peaceful actions in person or online. But these students have spoken up on their thoughts and would like to be known to the readers of this article. So what are your opinions on this situation?