Nasa Discovered a 10 Billion Year-old Planet


Vicente Garcia, Writer

On January 12, 2021, Nasa discovered a new planet known as “TOI-561 b.” TOI-561 is one of the oldest rocky planets that have been discovered. This planet is constructed by eighty percent of mass and size compared to the Sun.

According to  Sci-news, TO1-561 is a star that is located over 200 light years away from the Earth. Astronomers used the telescope named Keck I at W. M Keck. This telescope discovered three other exo planets including the TO1-561, which is one of the oldest stars in our Milky Way Galaxy. 

According to Sciencealert, they came across these planets by a telescope, TESS. Which indicated faint dips, and sections of the sky. 

They also call TOI-561 is referred to as a super Earth because it orbits its star twice. It is also twice as big as the Earth, according to the Philippines Tatler.

Scientists claimed that the planet will mostly have no life form due to its mild temperatures, which makes TOI-561 uninhabitable for any kind of life as we know it.

According to Meaww News “T0I-561 at least two other planets transiting the star, both of which have about twice Earth’s radius and too large and low mass to be rocky.” 

In further explanation, scientists now know that there are three planets near TOI-561. They all are similar to Earth but as well are larger but kind of share the same factors as Earth.

The planet is classified as one of the rarest populations of stars, which are named Galactice thick disks. Galactice Thick disk stars are different from usual stars in the Milky way. Most of these thick disk stars usually formed 10 billions years ago.

  T01-561 orbits a G-type star; G type stars are usually very hot and have a solar mass similar to ours. According to Meaww news. 

According to Nasa, an explorer planet is a huge planet; they are kind of like earth in some aspects. An example is TOI-56. The sizes could be small or big. It all depends on how rare it is, like Earth and Jupiter. 

There is not a lot of information released to the public yet since this discovery has been recent. Scientists are still trying to figure out new measurements for the planets and the other planets that were discovered.

However, scientists do know that TOI- 561 is one of the oldest planets ever discovered, it is twice as old as our solar system. As well the Universe. 

According to Sciencealert, “..and evidence that rocky exoplanets can remain stable for a very long time.” 

As well according to Sciencealert, “TO1-561, for instance, is low in metallicity. And any planets that formed in the earlier Universe should likewise have a low mentality.” 

This is a great discovery since the science field has information on planets that were formed when the universe was. Overall, January 12, 2021 might have been a great start learning this new discovery which could explain how these planets function after being.