“We’re all orphans now” – Review of The Society

Were all orphans now - Review of The Society

Isabella Hall, Writer

The Society, written by Christopher Keyser is a mystery and teen drama that  started streaming on Netflix in May 2019. Students from a Connecticut high school, board buses for a school trip only to find themselves back in  their so-called homes. Everyone falls asleep or is  distracted on the bus ride only to not notice they ended up in a duplicate of their town. With no one there but themselves and no way out, they must learn how to survive on their own with what they have: resources from stores nearby, the homes in town, and most importantly, each other.  If this sounds easy, it’s not.

The show stars two sisters, Allie and Cassandra, who decide the best thing to do is to have set rules and keep people under control after previous acts of rebellious behavior. They create ways for everyone to have portioned food, and require everyone to work, such as helping in the kitchen looking for a way out, or doctors. They also create The Guard which is similar to a police force. Their  goal is to keep people safe, since not everyone wants to obey the rules. 

I was hesitant to watch the show at first because it was so new and no one I knew had seen the show as well, but once I started to watch it I couldn’t stop, and I stayed up all night to finish the season. The show keeps watchers engaged and wondering until the end of every episode and has multiple plot twists throughout the show to keep it interesting. The characters face a new challenge and unfold many secrets almost every episode. In every scene the actors and actresses put forth all emotion, making it seem like all of it is actually happening. 

Although the show has high ratings, Netflix has decided not to renew the show for a second season, but that is just another reason to watch it. There are only 10 episodes and each is about fifty to sixty minutes. The show reminds me a lot of the show Pretty Little Liars which also used to be on Netflix. The show is similar to a cross between Pretty Little Liars and Elite. There are some similar storylines, and the suspense will kill you.