The Nashville Bombing


Vicente Garcia, Writer

On December 25th, there was no celebration for Christmas in Nashville, Tennessee. There was a bombing that only killed the bomber, who was identified as Anthony Warner. His motives are still unclear but ruined many businesses and injured a few citizens. It was a suicide bomber incident that was not identified as terrorism.

An investigation is still going on which is getting led by the FBI, on why the bombing occurred and what was the meaning behind it. Citizens were evacuated before the bombing occurred, buildings were destroyed and visible damage was shown and caused an outage around the areas.

The bomb exploded from Anthony Warner’s van. There was a warning given out before the explosion, which was planned by the bomber. The FBI has taken notice that his plans were not to harm any citizens during the process. However, a few people were injured but suffered minor injuries during the bombing.

According to The New York Times, this also caused many AT&T to have an outage according to the official website. As well as affecting 911, flights, phone service, and the internet. The explosion affected the AT&T transmission facility. Fortunately, there is progress going fixing the situation with the issues the explosion has caused. 

Anthony Warner’s girlfriend warned police that Anthony Warner was making bombs in his RV two years ago. This is supported by Anthony’s girlfriend’s lawyer who told the authorities that he has been frequently going on about the military and his interest in bomb making.

Officials had come to the conclusion that there was no evidence that had proven other individuals were involved in the bombing. The investigation is continued for much more possible motives and intentions behind the bombing

According to The New York Times, several investigators have thoroughly checked Mr. Warner’s home, roughly around eleven miles from the bombing area. The same exact house was found in google street view from May 2019, revealing an RV quite similar to the one being exploded during Christmas.

According to a New York Times interview. Several residents were interviewed regarding the bombing; Betsy Williams had claimed that before the time of the explosion she heard what she thought were gunshots going outside to investigate she saw a parked RV outside which was the same RV that had exploded later the day. This indicated a warning before the explosion.

Anthony Warners was a mystery, no one was exactly close to him. He kept a low profile during his 63 years of living, he was not close to his neighbors, and he was not married. He also had a job; he worked as an information technology specialist.

Anthony worked in many I.T businesses occasionally, then emailed the president of Fridrich & Clark Realty in Nashville that he was retiring. Anthony Warner was familiar with Nashville for a long time. 

Camera footage shows that the RV was parked in Second Avenue North downtown Nashville around 1 in the morning.

The RV contained bombs and a speaker that cast a warning to all citizens nearby to evacuate the area. As well as an old song that is named “Downtown” by Petula Clark. 

Unfortunately, it was not the best Christmas as a tragedy that caused the United States by surprise during the break. It scared the citizens of Nashville and caused an outage around Nashville which is getting fix, it will be one Christmas break that people will not forget.