The Perfect Pet


Cameryn Saunders, Writer

When a person decides to become a pet owner, an important part of the process is deciding which kind of companion would thrive in his or her life.

There are a range of different types of pets a person can choose to adopt. Some of the types of pets a person could adopt could include dogs, cats, fish, as well as other animals. This decision may heavily impact the pet as they grow older. A new pet could be greatly impacted by their owner’s lifestyle, causing either negative or positive effects to the animal’s well-being. By matching the person’s life to the type of pet, it could help create harmony between the owner and their companion.

The CDC states, “Studies have shown that the bond between people and their pets can increase fitness, lower stress, and bring happiness to their owners.”

Many families that want a pet should consider the animal’s fit in a household with children. A pet that could be compatible for a family is a dog. A dog’s activity could match the energy level of children. In addition, there are many different breeds of dogs that could fit the dynamic of different families. 

On his website, expert dog trainer, Cesar Millan, states, “The dog should have a similar temperament to your family in order to have the best match. Outgoing and gregarious children will do better with dogs that also tend to be more friendly and approachable, while more reserved children will do better with dogs of a similar cautious mindset.”

There are many people who desire to have a pet, but do not have the time for the full commitment. These people would not be able to give their full attention to certain pets because of their busy schedules. However, there are some pets that do not require as much attention from their owner, such as cats. Many cat breeds are low maintenance and do not need or want excessive attention from their owners. 

According to Purina, “Although they love quality time with their humans, independent cat breeds like Russian Blues or Persians are perfectly content to entertain themselves with toys and plenty of cat naps while you’re away.”

Not everyone can have the opportunity to have a furry pet because of their health. Allergies limit the type of animal to choose from, which makes it difficult for these people to become pet owners. However, there are many other types of allergy-free pets that a person could consider owning. Fish are one of the many examples of a pet that would not flare a person’s allergies. 

In regards to owning fish, the CDC states, “Fish are great pets for people with pet allergies and have shown to produce calming effects and to reduce stress among people who keep them.”

People that desire a pet should first consider which type of animal would thrive in their lifestyle. An inability to take care of a pet causes harm to the animal, as they rely on their owner for survival. In my own experience, choosing a dog fits my family’s lifestyle, to which the dog can have the time and care it needs to thrive. Choosing the best pet for one’s lifestyle can give happiness to both the owner and their companion.