Students New Year’s Resolutions From Emerson Junior Senior High School


Angelina Moschella, Writer

Students of Emerson Junior-Senior High School are all participating in completing their New Year’s resolutions for 2021 by coming up with very specific and attainable goals.

According to The History of New Year’s Resolutions by History, the History of resolutions dates all the way back to 4,000 years ago. The ancient Babylonians are said to have been the first humans who made up these resolutions. During a massive celebration known as Akitu, the Babylonians crowned their new king and celebrated by making promises to the gods to pay their debts and return anything they had used from the gods previously. If the Babylonians did keep their promises throughout the year, their gods would bestow a favor on them for the next year. But if they did not, they would fall out of the gods favor. These promises are now seen as the beginning of New Year’s resolutions and have been carried down in history all the way until today.

The students from Emerson Junior Senior High School have many goals set for this year. Whether it is to help them with school grades, mental health, or contributing to things in the world, they all have this year’s future set. No matter what gets in their way, they will push through it and overcome these obstacles to achieve their goals.

“My goal for this new year is to work on myself and be the happiest I can. I will start working out, eating healthier, going out to see friends more, dressing up, doing homework on time, get a job, and help my family out more often. I think this year’s resolution will make me a better person because it is not only benefiting me, but my peers as well,” said Alexa Guglielmi, a student at Emerson Junior Senior High School. Her resolutions fall under many categories for goals, but she is sure that she can achieve all of them in one year.

“My goal for this new year is to do well in school, respect my family, be the happiest I can, start being more productive, start to work out more, try new things, and become  a better person. COVID-19 really changed me as a person and made me realize that 2021 could be my year and a new beginning. This is my new year’s resolution because it will benefit me and make a better version of myself,” said Lucia Piccini, a student from Emerson Junior Senior High School. And again, her resolutions fall under many categories for goals, but she believes in herself that she can make it through and do the best she can.

“My goal for this year is to take care of myself more and be more confident in who I am and what I do as a person. I can achieve this by working out more often and loving myself more frequently,” said Sherly Arias, a student from Emerson Junior Senior High School. Her resolution falls under health and personal benefits which is extremely important nowadays. But she feels she can achieve it by the end of this year with lots of self love and body positivity.

Everyone sets New Year’s resolutions and thinks up many ways to achieve them. While some do not complete them or never try to, others put in their all and make the best of it while they can. For the students of Emerson Junior Senior High School, that is exactly what they are doing. They are helping themselves in ways that are very sufficient and will benefit them in the future. And the goals that are set are amazing to see from such young students today. The end of 2021 looks like a bright future for these students.