Best Strawberry Ice Cream in Bergen County

Adrienne Sabatier, Writer

Recently, I have had a craving for strawberry ice cream late at night. It made me think which place has the absolute best strawberry ice cream. So during these past two days, I have tried out five ice cream places in Bergen county. I went to Stacks Creamery, Haagen Daz, Bishoffs, Dairy Queen, and Carvel. 

Stacks Creamery is a new ice cream shop in Westwood. I have passed by this place so much and have always wanted to try it. Once I went in it was very cute and there was no line. The cookies looked disappointing, but I still had hope for the ice cream. Honestly, the ice cream was pretty hard and tasted more milky than strawberry. 


Wait time No wait time
Price 3.50
Customer service (1-10) 9
Taste (1-10) 5
Available options Cookies, Gluten Free options, Brownies, Donuts, Vegan options


Bishoffs is an old school looking ice cream place located in Teaneck. This place is very cute and old fashioned, but I live for it. The employees were super cool and friendly and took care of me right away. They were so nice I left them a tip. The ice cream was really creamy and good . I also got their vegan chocolate ice cream, and it was absolutely amazing.

Wait time No wait time
Price 4.00
Customer service (1-10) 10
Taste (1-10) 8
Available options Candy, Milkshakes, Brownies Sundaes , Ice cream sodas , Vegan options, Pie, And Food


Haagen Daz is a known brand that can be found in stores, but they also have an ice cream shop in Ridgewood. My grandma used to take me here when I was younger. 

There was also no line there and customer service was good. This ice cream is actually so freaking good. It was so creamy and even had pieces of strawberries. Totally would recommend this.

Wait time No wait time
Price 3.70
Customer service (1-10) 9
Taste (1-10) 10
Available options Milkshakes, Sundaes, Dairy free options

Cold Stone is located in Westwood. Cold Stone has never really been my favorite, but I still had high hopes. Turns out I should not have had high hopes. This ice cream tasted like straight up milk with a hint of strawberry.  Definitely not my favorite. 



Wait time No wait time
Price 3.00
Customer service (1-10) 9
Taste (1-10) 1
Available options Milkshakes, tons of toppings

Lastly, I went to Dairy Queen located in Emerson. My cousin used to work here and I would always stop by for free blizzards. I never got to try their ice cream though, so today I did. First off, the inside was closed so I had to wait outside for my ice cream and it was literally freezing. Second, the ice cream was pretty hard and alright. It was the most expensive ice cream and definitely was not worth standing outside .

Wait time 2 min
Price 4.95
Customer service (1-10) 8
Taste (1-10) 3
Available options Blizzards, Sundaes, Milkshakes, Slushies

Overall, I definitely will not be craving any ice cream any time soon. Haagen Daz definitely wins best strawberry ice cream in Bergen County. Cold Stone wins the most disappointing ice cream. Going around trying all these ice cream was so fun and brought me to try new places.