Miley Cyrus Plastic Hearts Review

Miley Cyrus Plastic Hearts Review

Shaye Diverio, Writer

Miley Cyrus came out with an outstanding album that is authentic and shows her true self. This album is what a lot of critics are calling Miley’s best after seeing how confident she is with this new rock front she is presenting. Throughout this article, I am going to rate the songs and the purpose behind them. 

To start off the album we have “WTF Do I know”. This song brings up her controversial past with the media and her provocative photo shoots and shows. This song also looks into her past with drugs and alcohol which then brings up how she does not regret divorcing Liam Hemsworth. If you are looking for a break up song or a song to feel independent, this is for you. Rate: 8/10 

We move onto “Plastic Hearts.” This is the title track to the title track and goes on about how Miley has been feeling lately. The song is about feeling numb and having a “plastic heart” and wanting to feel something. Miley has been at the top of her game for so long and in the public eye, which can cause someone to do things you should not do at a young age, which Miley is no stranger too. Rate: 9/10 

 Rate: 10/10 my favorite song on the album.“Angels Like You”, in this track we get a vulnerable side of Miley which talks about her hard times in relationships and how she turns out to be what the media presents her to be. I think this song shows remorse to things that happened in the past and in my eyes I see it as an apology to her ex Liam and how he may be the one for her on paper but at the end of the day it is impossible for them to be together. Rate: 10/10 my favorite song on the album.

Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa team up for “Prisoner”, which seems to be about being in an abusive relationship and never being able to leave because it is hard to stay but the manipulation and control makes it harder to leave. This song is beautiful and their voices together make it even better. Rate: 9/10 

“Gimme What I Want”: this song again shows the independence of Miley and how if she does not get what she wants, she will give it to herself. This song is produced very well produced the drums really add to the message behind this song. Rate: 5/10  

Miley Cyrus and Billy Idol collaborate for “ Night Crawling” which is amazing and Miley and Billy fans are amazed at how raw and explosive their voices are throughout the song. This song deserves the hype and is a song that makes the fans just want to dance. Rate : 9/10 

“Midnight Sky” shows Miley’s carefree spirit and how she does not need anyone to be loved by to just live and in the beginning gives reference to her marriage after saying ‘ a lot of years’. This song again shows Miley’s independence and how she does not need anyone. Rate: 7/10 

Next up is “High”. Miley wrote this song when she was in a state of heartbreak and she called Mark Ronson and they wrote this beautiful masterpiece. This is one of her best songs on the album and gives us insight into her true, raw emotion and things she is going through. This song could be written about several different people since the album has been worked on for a few years leading up to the release. This song also makes her voice sound beautiful and I think it is very relatable for a lot of people, which is why it is one of the top songs of the whole album.  Rate: 10/10 

“Hate Me” is an upbeat song that seems happy but the message hidden in the lyrics is powerful. In the lyrics she is trying to show that she wonders what an ex-boyfriend or even her friends think of her and she thinks the only time she will be appreciated is when she dies. The song has a good vibe with a deeper meaning, which is the vibe of the whole album. Rate: 10/10 

“Bad Karma” features Joan Jett and this song is representing the lifestyle they live of breaking hearts and just living and how it brings “bad karma” to them. This is their first collaboration together and I think it was executed very well, although it is not my favorite of the album. Rate: 5/10 

The song, “Never Be me” shows her part in any romantic relationship she has been in , which gives a little insight into the person she is and how she lives her life. She is showing not to get your hopes up because “she does this every time” and she is not the type to commit completely in a relationship. This song is unique and very authentic. Rate: 9/10 

“Golden G String” is a song that Miley’s fans are going crazy about because she really is showing her true self. She is showing how what the media says and how she deals with things is who she really is rebellious, going against the rules, and completely herself. Rate: 10/10 

Overall, this album is truly the start of a new era for Miley and she completely shocked her fans with it and continued to be her true self through her music.