Is the Iphone 12 worth the Hefty Price?


Kenny Gompertz, Writer

With so many iPhones on the market, many customers are asking themselves, “Is the iPhone 12 worth $999?” The iPhone 12 may be Apple’s most expensive phone, but it is also its best. This new phone has 5G data which means that it works five times faster than previous phones. It also has a longer rate of cellular data (which provides wifi anywhere you go) for all users, and its manufacturing is also compatible with the environment. It pretty much eliminates the idea of slow service because it can now work much faster without interruptions. Many may also have the concern about the prices of the phones. The prices range from $699 for the mini to $1,399 for the Pro max. These phones also provide a faster charging time and have battery life that will last up to 41 hours. While these prices may seem steep, sales for the month the phone was released clearly suggest that Apple users believe the phone is well worth it.

The iPhone 12 mini looks exactly the same as the iPhone 12, only hit with a shrink ray. It looks just as fresh and sharp as its larger sibling, with aluminum sides, a glass back, and a new “ceramic shield” covering for the screen that Apple says is four times more drop-resistant.” (Gibbs).

There are a couple of different versions of the iPhone 12. There is the mini (the smallest version), the regular (the normal size), the pro (one of the bigger sizes), and the pro max (which is the biggest size). They range by size and minor improvements such as the graphics being presented on the screen of the new phone. The size and the materials of the mini can protect it from breaking since the manufacturing is very sturdy. This phone and the size could be compared to the iPhone 5. This size could be considered more superior to other phones because it could easily fit in a small pocket and is easy to hold.   

Another feature users will be excited to know is that the “iPhone 12 Pro models were designed with the environment in mind. For the first time, iPhone 12 Pro models will utilize 100 percent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets, including the new camera, Taptic Engine, and MagSafe, as well as Apple’s MagSafe accessories.” (Apple Press Release). It is also free of harmful substances like beryllium and arsenic in the display glass and packaged in 10% recycled material. 

“My iPhone 12 performs very well with its newest features. It maintains its charge very well and it also charges very efficiently. I like how almost everything loads very quickly and how it is compatible with 5G networking” said Emerson freshman Patrick Walsh. 

The iPhone 12 Pro may be Apples biggest phone with the biggest sticker price, but it is also its best phone. . In our world today many people, especially in these times, need a communication device with hefty networking, and the iPhone 12 suits all of those needs very well.