MGK’S Tickets to my Downfall Album Review


Dylan Covello, Writer


Tickets to my Downfall, Machine Gun Kelly’s new album that dropped on September, 25th marks a huge milestone in his career being his best selling album. This album theme is alternative/Punk ,rock which is very different from his usual songs and albums which would be considered rap. 

Now I will break down all the tracks in the new album based off mood, vibe, and the feelings that the song could Generate within listeners. This album proves just how veritable Machine Gun Kelly really is and how versatile his music is. 

Staring off we have Track one “Title track”,  which sets the tone for the album and explains the name of the album. It starts slow and takes an extreme turn for the better . If you’re looking for a song with a chill mood that switches into a punk rock masterpiece, this is the song for you.

Next is Track two “Kiss Kiss”,  which is a personal favorite of mine. This song gives off a fast paced energy about a crazy night out and MGK not being able to explain his feelings and instead going for the kiss. “ There’s a lot that I want to say but that’s for another day , KISS KISS”. 

This next Track “Drunk Face”, the third song on the album is also a personal favorite of mine, it has a very cool beat if you are looking for a more steady song that is still has a rock vibe this is the song for you. The beat is not the only part that is good about this song; the lyrics really go into depth about MGK’s love life and the struggles he has had . “ I’m over compensating for heartbreak, I swallowed a pill that was in a heart shape.” This line describes the vibe of the song in my opinion and MGK’s fearlessness of being straightforward.

The  Fourth song in this album, “Bloody Valentine”,was originally released as a single and blew up. This song has a very hype mood and is assisted by the drumming of Travis Barker, who is extremely talented. This song is one of the main fronts of this album and really sets the tone. 

“Forget Me Too” is the 5th song on this album and was also released as a single first off. Just as its counterpart “Bloody Valentine”, this song did extremely well when is came out. It features known singer Halsey and is definitely a must listen,- it screams ( literally and figuratively) punk rock. 

Trippie Redd and MGK have teamed up before with the song “Candy”  in Kelly’s other album ( Hotel Diablo) and was a hit. They linked up once again for “ All I Know” the Sixth song on this album and this song is definitely a mood changer. This is more of a relaxed song with a infectious beat you cant not bump your foot too. 

The Seventh song in this album, “Lonely” is a great song that goes into depth about MGK’s family life. The song truly tells a story and is very different from every other song on this album. If you are looking for a very mellow song that has a real message, this is a must listen. It really showcases MGK’s versatility.

The eighted song on the album, “WWIII” goes completely crazy. This mood and vibe screams punk rock and if you have the volume on full blast, I would consider lowering it a bit.

“Concert For Aliens”  the ninth song in this album is a head bobber that has a very pop/ rock vibe to it. I think even if you do not like punk rock/ alternative music, this could still be a song for you. 

The eleventh song in this album and arguably one of the best songs, “My Ex’s Best Friend”, was released as a single before the album drop. It features Black bear  and is also a song I feel many people can enjoy. This song along with others really tells a story if you truly listen.

“And this next one is titled Jawbreaker” the 12th song in the album,  “JawBreaker”, is also different from many of the songs because it is a slow yet fast song about a girl MGK is seemling very fond of . This song really reminds us how good he is a singer.

New artist, Ian Dior teams up with MGK for the second time this year on the 13th song “Nothing Inside” . This song truly tells a story and also has that punk rock vibe. This is a must listening if you want a good mix of storytelling and an adrenaline rush.

The last song in the album, “Play This When I’m Gone”, is a slow pace song about love and the thoughts he has had when on the road “when I was on the road and couldn’t be home to hold you”. You really hear the emotion in his voice and this is why it is a great song. 

Now that I’ve broken down every song on the album, it is up to you to take a listen for yourself to see if you find these accurate. Clearly, I am not the only fan of the album if it had sold 126,000 copies ending the week of October. Not only, it was the Number 1 album on billboard 200. Overall, this is a great album if you are looking for something that gets you hype but gives off real emotion.