Why do Students Listen to the Music They Listen to Today?


Angelina Moschella, Writer

People all around the world listen to music every single day for many reasons, whether it be for personal preferences or extending your taste of music. And with Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped coming out on December 1, 2020, it gave everyone a big opportunity to see what kinds of music genres our friends enjoy and why we listen to them.

    Many people around the U.S. have many different preferences on what music and artists they enjoy. They might listen to some artists because of how they relate, or maybe what they are feeling at that moment. Others may listen to different artists because of how the music sounds, or they just love supporting them. It could be many reasons as to why people listen to certain types of music everyday.

    “I enjoy listening to my tastes in music because it relates to the current mood I’m feeling and also makes me feel better. I know that when I am struggling with a situation I’m in or I need a way to escape, I can use music to relax and become at peace again. I also enjoy all genres of music, as long as they represent my current emotions and the way I’m thinking about life.” says Alexa Guglielmi, a student at Emerson Junior Senior High School.

    And while some people enjoy artists, music for their meaningful lyrics and relatability towards the listeners, others may just like the music for the beat of it or the way it sounds. Some sounds may intrigue the listener to continue playing the song, while others may not like it and skip over.

    “Some of the most frequently played music genres I listen to are pop, rap, and other upbeat songs. These sort of songs make me feel more alive and in a better spirit than usual. I listen to these songs to get motivated and help myself achieve things for myself,” says Abby Pascal, a student at Long Beach High School.

    Many people around the world have many different tastes and styles of music. Some might be for relatability and feelings, while others might just be nice calming beats and make you motivated to work. These different genres vary in every single person you come in contact with everyday. So the next time you see a close friend or family member that listens to music, ask to check their 2020 Wrapped Spotify playlist and see what genres they love.