December 2020: Covid-19 Updates


Jimmy Csapo, Writer

Everybody for the past 9-10 months has been waiting for a Covid-19 vaccine. Everybody wishes they could go back to a regular routine and not have to worry about getting the virus. According to Governor Cuomo, the governor of New York, stated,

 “New York State will receive an initial delivery of enough COVID-19 vaccine doses for 170,000 New Yorkers. If all safety and efficacy approvals are granted by the federal government, the state expects to receive the vaccines—which were created by Pfizer—on December 15. New York State expects additional allocations of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna later this month.” 

This is amazing news for everyone in New York and around the whole country because the government is coming out with vaccines to treat people with the virus. Hopefully they can get enough vaccines and tests out to people around the world to cure Covid-19. 

To make sure that the vaccines are accurate, it is a huge trust factor that people have. Some people may think the vaccine doesn’t have the right chemicals or medicine in it, or maybe it just will not cure the patient so there is no point in taking it. But, the three past presidents, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton  recently announced that they will be taking the Coronavirus vaccine on camera so everyone can see for themselves and have a trustworthy source, who took the vaccine. In an interview on SiriusXM’s The Joe Madison Show, former President Barack Obama said,

 “I promise you that when it’s been made for people who are less at risk, I will be taking it. I may end up taking it on TV or having it filmed, just so that people know that I trust this science.” 

A 90 year old woman in the UK was one of the first people in the UK’s mass vaccination programme developed by Pfizer and its partner, BioNTech. The 90 year old lady who is turning 91 very soon when she took the vaccination, told BBC news,

 “I feel so privileged to be the first person vaccinated against covid-19, it’s the best early birthday present I could wish for.”

This is great news for everyone because the top health programs are coming out with vaccines for people to get cured from the virus. The programs are going in the right direction and making sure everything is safe for everyone to use and there will be no problems in the future. 2020 for most people was a crazy year mainly because of Covid-19 and hopefully this virus goes away and everyone could go back to the normal routine.