Terror Strikes Armenia

Terror Strikes Armenia

Jimmy Csapo, Writer

Imagine waking up to a war one day. Imagine walking out your front door and everything around you is just destroyed. That is what is happening in Armenia today for the last month or so. Sadly, many popular news sources have not brought this people’s attention around the United States.

An article from the Chicago Maroon showcases people’s experiences with the war that is going on right now in Armenia. 

According to Cass from the Chicago Times, “My last three weeks have been an experience that some call “diaspora paralysis” a mix of anxiety, grief, frantic action, and survivor’s guilt.” 

The Armenian culture has taken a huge hit from this war that is going on right now. 

According to Cass from Chicago Times, “Every Armenian I know is feeling this too. As you see our faces in our Zoom classes, our hearts are somewhere else. Most of us are descended from Armenian Genocide survivors.”

What’s going on in Armenia at the moment is something no one could ever imagine, until now. The war is being fought by Azerbaijan and Turkey. In 1914, the Armenian genocide was one. Over 1.5 million people died during that time period of the genocide and it was caused by the Turkish and other regions by the Ottoman government. To this date, the Turkish government still denies they ever caused the Armenian genocide, which they clearly did cause. 

The current attacks are centered on Artsakh, which is also known as Nagorno-Karabakh. Artsakh is an independent republic in Armenia which is heavily populated with Armenian people for the last 2000 years, but in 1923, the Armenian culture was given to the Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan by Josef Stalin. Since all the Armenian people were being “cleansed” in Azerbaijan, the citizens of Nagorno-Karabakh declared independence which was not recognized at all by anyone, so instead they met with attacks by the Azerbaijan armed forces.

 This war lasted four years and after that Artsakh has functioned as an independent country. They have been participating in democratic self-governance, rebuilding their cities, and going on with an ordinary lifestyle. But, this republic still remains in constant military action because all the countries around them fail to recognize their independence. Since the international communities are very self-rewarding and really only care about themselves. Azerbaijan’s claim over the land over the self-determination of the people of Artsakh, they started to carry out deadly attacks to heavily populated areas, filled with citizens. Reports from foreign intelligence communities confirm that Turkey has been hiring Syrian mercenaries to fight on the front lines of the war. Attacks have spilled over into Armenia which goes into civilian areas and even into the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. 

Hopefully everybody in this war can figure out a solution to this conflict between countries. People in those countries are worried every second of their life, they do not know if they will be living the next day or not.. It is either life or death for these people and that is extremely scary for them and most people could never imagine living in those types of situations. What’s going on in Armenia is extremely horrible and scary for those living there and people around the world need to hear about this news.