Teens Views on the 2020 Election


Angelina Moschella, Writer

President Donald Trump and election candidate Joe Biden are running head to head in this year’s election on November 3rd, 2020; the election will decide on who will be America’s new president.

Joe Biden has been recently visiting the states, Pennsylvania and Ohio, where he is most liked in and performing debates for his supporters. Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, also recently visited Georgia and North Carolina for contribution towards Joe Biden’s presidency. Joe wants to have as much contact with his supporters as possible in order to win the election and become president. There are many key things to becoming president, but this is a good main example.

“I am voting for Joe Biden over Donald Trump based on his first term. It was very clear he is unfit for the job of America’s president. He is very disrespectful in my opinion and childish in the way he talks to people who have a different opinion than him,” says Juliana Palladino, a freshman at Emerson Junior Senior High School. 

“I am also voting Joe Biden for president because he is handling the pandemic better than Donald Trump and is still here for his supporters no matter what. He treats all of them with love and respect and acknowledges their presence unlike Donald Trump, who is racist, homophobic, misogynistic, etc.”

However, Donald Trump has also been out and about in the states he is most supported in as well. Lately, he has been at many rallys, debates, etc to get his point across that he is most fit to be America’s president again. But while he has recently been stuck in the hospital, it has not stopped him from getting his point across that he needs to be president again.

“I am voting for Donald Trump in this year’s election because he is a very good president for our economy,” says Michael Lavista, a cousin of Alexa Guglielmi. “I vote Donald Trump so we as Americans can all make America better again together, and if we vote Joe Biden he will ruin our economy completely.”

However, Joe Biden has made other good examples on making things clear in what the world needs during 2020-2024. He is doing what is best for him and the people of America’s lives. He wants everyone to live without harm or hurt, and just wants everyones lives to be equally perfect. No matter who you are, what your race is, or things that make you different, he will always support you no matter what.

“I am voting Joe Biden for president, because I believe that Doland Trump is a very unkind and disrespectful president towards some people in this world,” Alexa Guglielmi, a freshen in Emerson Junior Senior High School says. “I also believe that Joe Biden would be very good for our country because he supports everyone and is not as disrespectful like Donald Trump is.”

Today’s interviews went very well with my friends and fellow classmates from my school. They had given their opinions and views on who they are supporting for this year’s election, and also made a few comments and examples on why or why not Joe Biden and Donald Trump should or should not be president. Now it’s only a few weeks until election night, but until then the citizens of the U.S. will have to wait until seeing who is their new president.