The Bachelor is Back

Kiley Sweeney, Writer

The new season of the bachelor has started, and Peter Weber is the star of the show. With 30 girls lined up to love him, hopefully he will find what he is looking for. Peter met each girl one by one, and he got to know them a little before having to make any decisions about them. The girls who walked in got to know each other as well, as some drama started to stir when they talked and saw who walked in next.
Hannah B. from the last season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette showed up to give Peter back the wings he gave her when he asked her to be his co-pilot. When they did not work out, Hannah thought it was only fair to give them back. She did not stay in the house, but gave back the wings and left. However, later on in the show, fans see her again when Peter asks her to set up a group date for him and the other women. When Hannah B. sees Peter, she realizes that she could still have feelings for him and reflects on how the relationship should not have ended the way it did.
There were many women who were upset by the fact that Hannah B. was there. They all pretended to like Hannah B., but in reality they didn’t because it looked to them like she was stealing Peter away from them. The girls all continuously fought over who got time with Peter and who didn’t. Not getting time with Peter is not good for them because he could potentially send them home since he does not know them well. This causes more drama between the girls as they fight for time with Peter. Later in the episode, Peter picked a handful of girls to go on group dates.
One group went to a pilot training place with Peter. Kelly ends up winning, and the drama begins. The girls accuse her of cheating in the game and think it was not fair she got to win the one-on-one date with Peter, so they confront her and it only causes more drama. The girls then got to spend time with Peter one on one if they stole him away on time.
At the end of the episode, it was finally time for the rose ceremony. Who would be going home? Peter sends several women home. Unfortunately Peter does not give a rose to a total of eight girls. Eunice, Avolea, Maurissa, Jade, Katrina, Jenna, Kylie, and Megan were all sent back by the end of the first episode. This will hopefully bring Peter one step closer to finding his love.