Family Attacked in Mexico

Ghazal Khouri

According to USA today, an American family returning to U.S after a vacation to Mexico came under attack in southern Texas. A man with a gun killed a 13-year-old boy and wounded three other people.

The attorney general’s office in Tamaulipas said that the victim was a U.S. citizen and his parents were a permanent U.S. residents; however, the names of the victims were never released. The family was traveling in a Chevrolet SUV and was returning from a visit to relatives in San Luis Potosi.

The highway the family was driving on is considered a very dangerous place. It runs through an area that’s filled with criminal groups, including the Gulf Cartel and Zetas.

All of the wounded were riding together in one vehicle; however, the gunmen escaped in the other vehicle. A 10-year-old relative was among those wounded. The police stated that all the wounded are in a stable condition.
What remains unclear is why the family was on such bad roads and why they took such a dangerous highway notorious for criminal activity.

“The FBI has offered assistance, all additional inquiries should be directed to the leading law enforcement agency Tamaulipas State Police,” the FBI said to NPR Tuesday.

The Mexican authorities suspected that the attack was carried out by criminals thinking the family was a part of a rival drug cartel. NPR reported that the FBI is assisting the investigation.