Jingle Ball 2019

Lilly Gildea, Writer

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On Friday, December 13th 2019, New York city held the annual Jingle Ball. iHeart Radio’s Jingle ball took place at the Madison Square Garden. According to Billboard, there were about 20,000 people who attended. The list of performers consisted of Lizzo, Camilla Cabello, Jonas Brothers, and Taylor Swift. There were plenty of thrilling moments throughout the night that excited the crowd and got them on their feet. 

Taylor Swift’s birthday was just around the corner so she decided to do something extra special at the show. After finishing one of her famous songs “Shake it Off,” a giant cake – covered with all her cats, rolled out onto the stage. The whole crowd sang happy birthday, and her wishes were endless. Moments after the cake was presented, a video appeared of several artists wishing her a happy birthday. 

The Jonas Brothers also performed at this show. It was their third show at Madison Square Garden. The crowd went crazy and were super pumped to hear them sing. Camilla Cabello was also there, singing her hit songs, “Liar”, “Havana” and “Senorita.” Although Shawn Mendes wasn’t there to assist her in “Senorita,” the show was still breathtaking and her performance amazed the crowd.  

There’s no denying that Lizzo’s performance was spectacular and one of the most amazing appearances at the show. She arguably had the biggest crowd. She sang her famous song “Truth Hurts” while in a Santa Claus costume. Her energy and Christmas spirit brought joy to the whole audience. Before exiting the stage,  Lizzo made sure to say some inspirational words of wisdom about the new year 2020. 

Some other performers were 5 Seconds of Summer with “She Looks So Perfect.” The band had everyone on their feet, moving around and cheering. Additionally, Hasley and Fletcher sang and also shared stories about their childhood and growing up. Halsey closed out the night and ended it on a good note.

With special performances from Taylor Swift and a huge line up of incredible performers, no one who attended was disappointed. This Jingle Ball was definitely one to remember