Star Wars Rise of Skywalker Review

Charlie Romano, Writer

On Thursday, December 19th, the Star Wars saga finally came to an end with the final movie in the latest Star Wars trilogy. With Star Wars Rise of Skywalker being the conclusion to the saga, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the movie- but does it live up to the high expectations of fans?

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker tries to answer many of the questions created by previous installments in the Star Wars series and finally gives long awaited answers, even to some questions that were previously answered in other films. This is one of the major flaws of Rise of Skywalker: it tried to change what happened in previous installments of the series. I like consistency when I watch a series. When a film retcons another film in the same series, it just ruins the overall consistency of the films.

The one thing I really liked about Rise of Skywalker was the amount of action in the movie. While the writing may not have been the best in the series, the action scenes throughout the film are much better than I was expecting. Many of the fight scenes were used to conclude many character arcs that were built up through the previous films. Watching two of the main characters finally work together to take down the true villain of the saga was a satisfying end for both of the characters.

One last thing I really enjoyed about the movie was the acting. Despite the poor script, all of the actors portrayed their roles amazingly, especially Ian McDiarmid, who reprised his role as Emperor Palpatine. Both Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley were also great in this movie as well. Both of their characters received some much needed development following Star Wars The Last Jedi in this latest entry, and both actors made their characters seem as realistic as Star Wars characters can seem. Overall, I thought the performances of the actors were great, despite the script that they were given.

Despite the aspects of the film that were strong, Star Wars Rise of Skywalker managed to be one of the worst Star Wars movies released to date. I went into the movie with very low expectations and came out even more disappointed than I initially thought I would have. In the end, I feel that Stars Wars Rise of Skywalker was a disappointing way for the series to end.