China Bans U.S. Military Visits to Hong Kong

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China Bans U.S. Military Visits to Hong Kong

Logan Mazzeo, Writer

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The Chinese government is banning the U.S. military from visiting Hong Kong because of America’s support of protesters on their ground.

According to CNN, “China will ban US warships and military aircraft from making stops in Hong Kong in the wake of Washington passing legislation supporting the territory’s pro-democracy protesters, the country’s Foreign Ministry said Monday.”

The U.S. military would patrol around Hong Kong all year because China is one of our allies. The military would make sure that Hong Kong was safe and that no enemies were attacking them, along with the support of the Chinese military. They would use all of the ports along the water and would use Hong Kong as a rest spot and a bit of a vacation area. This is because most of the people were on carriers for a long time. Hong Kong allowed them to restore their energy and make new friends while out at sea. 

Now, The United States can no longer access this spot. Announced in the beginning of December, China will ban the United States Military from patrol and visits to Hong Kong. They are banning the visits from here on out because of the United States supporting the pro democracy protests in their country. The United States can only have access to the ports in all of China and in Hong Kong if they stop interfering in their internal affairs. 

According to, “The measures were a response to U.S. legislation passed last week supporting the protests which have rocked the Asian financial hub for six months. It said it had suspended taking requests for U.S. military visits indefinitely, and warned of further action to come …”We urge the U.S. to correct the mistakes and stop interfering in our internal affairs. China will take further steps if necessary to uphold Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity and China’s sovereignty,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a news briefing in Beijing.” 

As seen in this statement, China is mad that the United States is interfering with their internal affairs and now they need to face the consequences. The consequences are that they will now not have access to Hong Kong until they correct the mistakes they made, and not support the protests going on. This is bad for the United States because without access to Hong Kong, trade from over there is cut off, which makes the supplies coming from there not an option. Supplies that can come from there are different types of food and drinks, clothes, etc. 

In addition to the United States’s support of the protests, Hong Kong is also claiming that the US has been encouraging the protesters to engage in violent protests and criminal acts to get their way. 

According to ABC News, “China has suspended visits by US military ships and aircraft to Hong Kong and announced sanctions against several non-government organisations for encouraging protesters to “engage in extremist, violent and criminal acts.”

Some news sources claim the United States will change their actions soon so that they would be able to access Hong Kong. This is very important for them to do, so that they will have a resting area when at sea and to protect the people that they need to protect. 

This is important world news because the United States has been allies with China for a while now and we do not want to become enemies with them. This problem should hopefully be resolved within the next few weeks.